how do you type the sounds a soul makes?

Our trivia for cash became a housecash venue last night without warning. $100 housecash is nice, but we need the money to justify the trip there. It sure hurt not to walk out with the usual $50 cash in hand. Now we have no trivia for cash, and one less cleaning a month. Don’s calling Steve less and less too. People seem to think this shit is over. I wish it was… man I wish it was. I know it’s not the same as being sick.

While playing trivia last night the little hostess came up to me and asked to see what I was making. I always carry knitting with me. Currently, I’m making Harry Potter hats for a family of 4 – paid work thankfully. She oohed for a second then told me she wanted something blue and gray for christmas. She wasn’t kidding. I didn’t really answer her. I seem to give away more than I sell still. A little later, she came and sat with me and told me how her granny was so picky about yarn and how she would be bringing me some yarn cause she loves watching me knit. lol I guess I can make her a hat. It’s funny how knitting in public effects people. I told her I have friends and family who send me yarn. She’s a sweetie. Who am I to step in the way of a granny memory?

Later, I had to go lean under the pool table lamp to check my work (I thought I’d knit a purl stitch) since I was working with black and yellow yarn in dim light. Pool table lights are the only ones bright enough to see by in a sports bar! 2 waitresses came over to look at my knitting while I was counting. One thought I was making something “Steelers” and the other corrected her since it was obviously a child’s hat – she knew it had to be a “Hufflepuff something! or a bee.” LMBO!

So I woke up at 5:30am dreaming I was cutting my arm off. Of course it was hurting like crazy and there was no going back to sleep. I’ve decided to knit and make coffee and see if there is a movie on tv…maybe there is…there could be…or not. If not, I think I can stand my own company and just knit.  I think it’s supossed to rain today – that will be nice.

Sometimes I think if I didn’t laugh at things, I’d lay down and die. Really. I’m tired to the core. Way down deep tired.


About Morning Knits

I believe in and practice positive living. I love YARN, music, bird watching, history, gemstones, and gardening. I am passionate about the Earth. I am a true homebody. I've said I was Pagan for years to separate myself from a churchy upbringing and judgmental family that left me outside of its bounds. I believe it's our responsibility to tend and protect the Earth. I basically do my thing in a quiet, amused way. I believe in the power of my own hands, the energy of combined prayer, and caring for the earth. I attend a Kingdom focused non denominational Christian Church. I have 6 kids, all home-born and successfully breastfed. The oldest 5 are grown. The youngest is attending Community College and living at home. I'm the oldest of 9, daughter of a missionary mother who lives in Kenya, married to the son of a preacher, with 4 spoiled dogs and and a rescued kitten. Right now, there is small balance after yrs of unemployment. My disability was approved due to degenerative discs, fibromyalgia, and obesity. That last is hard to say. I believe we owe it to ourselves to protect our mental health. It's precious and the one thing we can control. I dislike my own housework and I talk too much. I bought a house in North Carolina and after trying to get my husband here for 6 months, he had a stroke. I'm a two-time caregiver. Steve's got hemiparesis and depression and is learning to walk and trying to use his right side again. It's slow go.
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